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LIBRIAMOCI - episode 7

The beauty of spaces comes from how we see things, from how we feel life ... Nothing lives as intensely as time stands still ....
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“Libriamoci” is a format conceived and conducted by the journalist Lucia Accoto who intends to promote publishing, books, love for reading. The program, directed by Giuseppe Anglano, is a cultural container of about 10 minutes in which the conduct of the journalist Lucia Accoto - captivating and in some ways also mysterious - leads to the heart of the stories. Libriamoci is registered in a historic 16th century residence, in Palazzo Tamborino Cezzi-Rosso Pompeiano. It is one of the noble palaces of Lecce among the most prestigious, fascinating and evocative of Salento. Location, among other things, chosen by the director Ferzan Ozpetek for the film “Fasten your seat belts”.

For the format, unpublished music was created by the composer and pianist Francesco Maria Mancarella.

In the opening words of each episode, the journalist also introduces a piece of the history of Palazzo Tamborino Cezzi-Rosso Pompeiano and then enters the heart of the novels. The conduct will be interspersed with short interventions by the writers.

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