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"Goodbye Montaguto" is the first Paper novel al mondo, a novel that presents, for each chapter, ad hoc newspaper pages, useful for creating a sort of compelling double thread between reality and fiction. Michele Pilla's thriller novel is set halfway between Montaguto, a small Italian village of 400 inhabitants, and Toronto, up to the United States (New York, Youngstown and Boston), where several communities of villagers live abroad from many years but who have never lost contact with their homeland.

In the novel there are elements of reality, such as the Montaguto landslide, the largest in Europe, and of fiction, such as the disappearance of the boys, which in reality never happened. The novel is currently being edited and, subsequently, an English and Japanese translation will be worked on with the draft being sent to the United States, Canada and Japan.

There are also many references to the Montagutese dialect: Montaguto is the childhood cradle of many Montagutese scattered around the world. From Toronto to Youngstown (in Ohio), from New York to Boston and Buenos Aires, to Japan (exactly Amagasaki), there is a bit of Montaguto in many corners of the world. The Montagutese community abroad, in fact, is very large and very active on social networks. And many of the distant villagers every day testify to their love and affection for their country through the forums or the pages of the online newspaper, of which Pilla is director.

“Goodbye Montaguto” is a dedication to all of them. Because, as the novel's tagline reveals: "You can try to leave the country but it is the country that will never leave you".

" Goodbye Montaguto ", the world's first ' Paper novel   ' is born . 

From Montaguto a Toronto, a thriller that arrives overseas.

Michele Pilla's novel is dedicated to the many Italians living abroad

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