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TODAY: ALDO with 37 ways to look for work 

Aldo of Italians in Fuga today presents us:

1. Respond to job-specific job search ads

2. Contact  the company that does exactly what you want it to do.

3. Going to work for former employees who are already overseas

4. Use the  university Career Service

5. Introduce yourself to those who already organize Italian courses

6. Keep an eye on the hostel notice board constantly

7. Establish your own activity

8. Create your own compelling LinkedIn profile

9. "Exchanging" the job with a foreigner who intends to venire in Italy

10. Get hired by the language school where you studied

11. Networking

12. Change your studies

13. Respond to announcements in all local newspapers

14. Please introduce yourself in person 

15. Find your "niche"

16. Follow  ex colleagues

17. Send the CV to Italian institutions abroad

18. Respond to the annunci published on Facebook groups

19. Obtain a transfer to the foreign branch of the company in Italy

20. Post your CV on Monster

21. Contact recruiting  agenzie  who specialize in their_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badector5cf58d_s

22. Studying to create professionalism

23. I would create a network of acquaintances

24. Create a highly targeted resume

25. Use collaborations between academic institutions and the world of work

26. Carry out a project for a potential future employer

27. Contact all Italian companies abroad

28. Place announcements on Gumtree to offer your services

29. Insert the  CV on the most used selection sites in the country you are interested in

30. Knocking home delidatori di lavoro

31. Register a corsi  to become a health care operator

32. Maintain contact with people already emigrated abroad

33. Attend job fairs

34. Realize degree theses in companies estere

35. Look for internships through AIESEC

36. Visit  EURES of your city

37. Answering announcements on the company's website

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