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International stylist

Who is Eva Cammarata:


Eva is a Sicilian prêt-à-porter designer who has combined the Italian training and experience  with the refinement done in London,  sia with a Master at the Istituto Marangoni and with an MA in Digital Fashion from the London College of Fashion.

Are you an Italian designer living in London,   do you feel more Italian or English?

I started to create my first collections as a teenager e just twenty years old avevo giàbad5-Italy-136bad5cf58d_giàbad5-cc3 -135c5b_giàbad5-Italy I have always felt I was cosmopolitan and not belonging to a particular culture. In 2004 I moved here and I realized that I am so Sicilian from my collections!
The use of shades of blue that recall the sea and the clear sky, combined with the colori  of parched earth, brown and beige, almost accidentally keep me close to my roots.
I opened my atelier  in 2010 e_cc781905-594bcde-3194bad5bad5-130cc5-line-136bc5bad5-130cc5badd-136bcc5-3194-line ethics "  in London and New York.

We are curious… How is it a typical day in your studio?

My day usually starts at 8.00 with the reading of the mails and I messaggi_messaggi 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_messaggi_messaggi-136bd81-136bd81_messaggi_messaggi

A differenza del lavoro sfavillante che tutti immaginano, il lavoro dello stilista è invecemolto demanding. In fact, I work at least 16 hours a day  and during the fashion week there is no sleep.

It is assumed that the stylists only draw,  ma when you_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf589094-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58904-01decc7-136bad5cf58904-01decc7-3194b8905-3194-cc7 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_company si  play very different roles. From the researcher of trends,   to the designer of illustrations and cards technics, from the production of samples to the run-up of deliveries. that's exactly what it is, to be involved in the business at 360 degrees!

Which is your vision_cc781905-5cde-3194_badd 136creativa

My dresses  are inspired by nature, art and philosophy, they are created for a woman dynamic, who wants to be beautiful and sensual but without sacrificing comfort.
Combining beauty with functionality, I create collections with fabrics that do not crease,  from cuts do not wrinkle 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Pictured by  Michey San:  

Eva Cammarata  e  Magda Swinde r

What makes your collections unique?

The excellence of the materials, often produced exclusively for us in Italy and England and skilled and local workforce, ensuring maximum quality control while also reducing significantly higher C02 emissions when imported from developing countries.

Almost all of our competitors offer lines that serve thin women, you will find that the sizes range from 6 to 12 UK, we produce for any size and we invite our customers to customize their garment by being able to change fabrics and colors already from our site:

What do you do in your spare time?  

I love music very much e when I can meet friends to play percussion in Finsbury Park. I am totally absorbed in art, any discipline,  from photography to installations and walks among the graffiti of London ... always evolving.  'dance and that's why my models do not parade .. but dance, like in this video!  I hope you enjoy our show filmed during London fashion week that you can find in this_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Mauro Torta

I am a paragraph. Click here to add your text and edit me. It's easy.

When you ask people: "But what do you know about Belarus?" There are people who can answer you like this: “Belarus?! ?? I know Russia, but Belarus, bhuuuu, but where is it ?! " Others instead: "Yes, there are some beautiful girls with blue eyes!" And there is only a drop of people who will answer you like this "Belarus is a state, with its capital Minsk ..."

My name is Olga Slesarenko, I am the author of a project called "Welcome to Belarus!" in Italian language. I am a Belarusian, but some call me “a Belarusian with an Italian soul” How come ???

Do you remember the Chernobyl tragedy of April 26, 1986? It was a real disaster for all of us! But its consequences were still dire. In the following years, Italian-Belarusian “Children of Chernobyl” initiatives were born. One of these many children was me, a little girl, who was born in a Belarusian village in the Gomel region, near the Ukrainian border.

I was 7 when I came to Italy for the first time. I was in a wonderful family in the Lazio region. Every summer, up to the age of 17, they made me come to Italy to rest and breathe the healthy air, which was good for my sick thyroid. This family has become like my second family. They made me learn many things, they showed me another world and another way of life. I am very happy that my destiny has given me the knowledge of this family. And so I liked Italy, this "Bel Paese", I liked its people and its language ... of Dante.

When I turned 17, I went to the University in Gomel. I chose the faculty of Belarusian philology with the specialization "Literary work in newspapers and magazines".

In 2007 I attended language practice courses in Lublin (Poland).

I graduated in 2011, earning a magna cum laude degree.

Since August 2011 I have been working at the radio station “Radio Urbano di Gomel / Il Primo Canale Urbano” as a specialist in video editing.


Working in urban TV, I worked as an escort / interpreter for a group of children hosted, in Matera, by the association "Reception without borders ONLUS" (summer 2014 and 2015). So I did two parts of that Chernobyl program - from child to chaperone.

And then in 2014 I got the idea of doing a project that could help Italian families, who hosted our Belarusian children, discover my homeland.

Thus was born my personal project "Welcome to Belarus!" in which I took care of the editing of the texts, of the translation, of the recording, of the videomontage, also playing the role of videographer, director and presenter. Basically my "video creature" has become an international guide, it is a unique project done in this way, it speaks of my land in general.

In 2015 the project "Welcome to Belarus!" she won a Diploma in a Republican tourism competition, and I am proud of that. But I always hope to go on with this project!

By now I am the director of the TG on the regional TV of Gomel.

In the photo by Flash avenue studio:   Charlotte Sophie Brooke  e_cc790-136bad5cf58d_e_cc790-0594-3194bdana-136bdana- 13690594

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