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Aldo from Italians in Fuga presents us today:  

Daniela Burlando moved with her family to Nelson, New Zealand.

Nelson is in the north of the South Island, fantastic weather, "the most beautiful place in New Zealand" according to Daniela.

Nelson and Richmond make up 60-70 thousand inhabitants. In the New Zealand context it is a nice center.

Daniela and her husband had decided to leave Italy when their first daughter was born.

As her husband has already been to New Zealand, they decided to go on vacation for 3 weeks. After that they returned for a period of 6 months to study English and find out if New Zealand really was for them.

Daniela took leave of work in the bank in Italy while her husband took a break from the restaurant, leaving the management to his partners.

The experience of studying and living in New Zealand therefore convinced them to give up everything and move to New Zealand.

Daniela explains that she had a job that was coveted by many in Italy, which she liked and that she had 'settled down' according to traditional working rules.

In reality, to make a career he would have had to devote himself totally to work while after the arrival of his daughter Daniela's priorities have changed.

Instead of working for someone else, Daniela wanted to dedicate her life more to herself and her family.

Communicating the antipodes move decision to family and friends was the hardest thing to do.

The posting (12 hours of time zone) is managed thanks to Skype and What's App especially to maintain contact with parents.

The visa used by Daniela and her husband was a 'long term business visa', relating to investment in a business. They then took over an ice cream shop from other Italians. However, for the New Zealand authorities they had to present a business plan showing that the company would grow and therefore contribute to the growth of the New Zealand economy and hire New Zealanders.

After two years of stay in New Zealand they will be able to apply for the 'permanent residency'.

If you are in Richmond, go to the only mall there is and look for the 'Buonissimo' ice cream shop.

As for life for small children, a little brother has been added to the eldest daughter, New Zealand offers a lot of greenery and outdoor spaces that were not available in Genoa.

Meanwhile Daniela, in addition to being a full-time mother, has started a business as an agent for several English schools in New Zealand.

In conclusion, the balance of the last two years is positive despite the inevitable difficulties.

Detachment from affects is difficult. Culture is different. Daniela arrived in a different country pregnant, therefore with additional 'problems'. There was, of course, the 'culture shock' but knowing that it exists you are able to manage it better.

The less positive aspects of New Zealand are more related to the different culture and therefore difficulty in 'reading' other people, which is easier for an Italian.

For the rest, however, Daniela defines Nelson a "Heaven on earth".

So if you are interested in going to New Zealand to study English you can contact Daniela on 'Study New Zealand'.





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