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with Olga Slesarenko


It's me again, Mauro Torta, and I'm writing this page to introduce you the nicest girl from Belarus I've ever met before.

Olga is fresh and airy like spring.

When you ask people: "But what do you know about Belarus?" There are those who  can answer you like this: “Belarus?! ?? I know Russia, but Belarus, bhuuuu, but where is it ?! " Others instead: "Yes, there are some beautiful girls with bellissimi blue eyes!" There are few who ti will answer like this "Belarus is a state, with its capital Minsk ... " Thanks to Olga, all Italians will be able to get to know Belarus with pleasure.


Olga Slesarenko, you are the author of a project, can you tell us about it?

Yes, I am the author of a project called “ Welcome to Belarus! " in Italian language. I am a Belarusian, but some call me "a Belarusian with an Italian soul"


Why a project in Italian?

Do you remember the Chernobyl tragedy of April 26, 1986 ( Chernobyl in Ukraine at the time still part of the Soviet Union )? It was a real disaster for all of us! But its consequences have been  even more dire. In the following years, Italian-Belarusian “Children of Chernobyl” initiatives were born. One of these many children was me, a girl n born in a Belarusian village in the Gomel region, near the Ukrainian border.

I was 7 when I came to Italy for the first time. I was in a wonderful family, in the region Lazio. Every summer, up to the age of 17, they made me come to Italy to rest and breathe the healthy air, which was good for my sick thyroid. This family has become like my second family. They made me learn many things, they made me discover  another world and another way of life. I am very happy that my destiny has given me the knowledge of this family. And so I liked it Italy, this "Bel Paese", has a lot to me  attratto_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d the Italians_ -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_lingua ... by Dante.

Which studios did you choose?

When I turned 17, I went to the University in Gomel.

I chose the faculty of Belarusian philology with the specialization   “Literary work in newspapers and magazines”.

In 2007 I attended language practice courses in Lublin (Poland).

I graduated in 2011, earning a magna cum laude degree.

What about your first job?

Since August 2011 I have been working at the radio station “Radio Urbano di Gomel / Il Primo Canale Urbano” as a specialist in video editing.


And the TV?

Yes, then working in urban TV, I worked as an escort / interpreter for a group of children hosted, in Matera, by the association "Reception without borders ONLUS" in 2014 and 2015 during the summer. So I did two parts of that Chernobyl program - from a child to a chaperone.

And then in 2014 I got the idea of doing a project that could help Italian families, who hosted our Belarusian children, discover my homeland.

What is the project called?

Thus was born   my personal project “ Welcome to Belarus! ”In which I dealt with the editing of the texts, the translation, the recording, the video montage, also playing the role of video-operator, director and presenter. Practically my “videocreatura” has resulted in an international guide, it is a unique project done in this way e  speaks of my land in general.

In 2015 the project "Welcome to Belarus!" won a Diploma in a republican tourism competition, and I am proud of this,  pero'  I always hope to keep going with this project!

Do you have complementary activities to your project?

For now I do the director of the TG in the regional TV of Gomel and I hope to collaborate with you of ITALIANS ABROAD TV soon!


Well, Olga, I hope so too and in the meantime   thank you and invite everyone to know "WELCOME TO BELARUS" through this first video and the plylist of our YouTube channel ITALIANS ABROAD TV

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