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Hello. My name is Mauro Torta and I am writing this page to congratulate lovers from all over the world.

I, to celebrate the Valentine's Day,  since I live alone and I am not in love, this year_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136 I have ordered a book that I_bad5cf58d on Amazon, written by an ITALIAN ABROAD, like me. I read almost everything,  oggi, then I called the author, who lives _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in Cambridge, and I interviewed him to let you know. Here it is: LOVE = LOVE

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So here we are in the company of a writer whose name is Antonio Gargiulo also known as "dragoxide".


Hi Antonio, can you tell us a little about your past? What work did you do?

So, I think I only miss the astronaut among the things I haven't done yet, however I can tell you that my first job was a waiter in a bar, then I worked as a DJ and collaborated with the theater in the realization of shows. . Later I worked as a shelter then I worked in the reception and I also worked as a representative and promoter, first for electricity and telephone companies and then for a very famous credit card. I also managed to open a mini company which consisted of a tax assistance office.


What did you study?

I did the professional institute for commerce with 5 company internships within large firms such as olivetti; a master in communication and marketing and one in tourism; two training courses for marketing consultants, but all this has never given me serious job opportunities in Italy


Where were you born?

This is a beautiful question, you must know that my parents are both from the Island of Capri, but mine had to go to Vico Equense on purpose to give birth because the Capri hospital leaves something to be desired. Many when they hear Capri exclaim: “ah! Blessed are you ", but they know nothing of what lies beneath those beauties: a dilapidated hospital with no staff, structures started and left halfway through and then you only work 4 months a year and with them you should live 12 months in a place where a room and bathroom cost 1000 euros per month to rent. Most of the kids leave and I have seen more than three quarters of my classmates leave and at 20 I have also left.


So you first left Capri and then Italy?

Yup! Exactly!



When you asked me what work I did I told you I had opened a tax assistance center right? Well, despite my job I struggled because of the taxes and then the final blow gave me a flood following which the insurance did not give me even a cent. Despite this, I wanted to fight again, because I didn't want to go away. I used my art as a writer to create the “Ideal City” project and deposit it in the town where I lived. First they deluded me that they liked the idea and then later they told me that it would take a hundred years to build, but it wasn't true. I saw back streets full of shops becoming deserted and then when the third consecutive technical government was appointed, I sent everyone to shit.


Let's talk about your passion for writing when it was born?

Let's say he was born all by chance at the age of 11. I was wondering how to relate to girls and so I thought a good move would be to write a letter or a poem and so every time my heart was pounding for a girl, I would take pen and paper, write and then deliver. Then word got out of the things I was writing and the girls in my class gave me diaries to write down little sentences on them until one of them pushed me to write a book of my own.


Was that your first published book?

Unfortunately not! That book was on a floppy disk, I also printed it, but only recently did I find the first page among millions of my notes.


However I have read  that you have had several awards and recognitions.

Yes, I participated in 7 consecutive National competitions and I won the first places in all seven and at the seventh prize they also gave me the academic delegation.

I have published my fifth book "Love = Love" with worldwide distribution. This book is a collection written in Italian and English. I put the Italian on the right and the English on the left. Everyone knows Italy for food, in fact pasta and pizza are things known all over the world and to me the idea of spreading our culture and our language too, having everything in my hands and making the paper become a sort of multimedia book. As you read you have the exact same poem left and right so you can compare languages as well. I thought that this could also be useful in schools and if I have made mistakes I am also happy because teachers will be able to use the text to make pupils find the error. In the book there are old, new and Neapolitan dialect poems; the re-edition of my project for an Ideal City and then concepts, thoughts and even scientific theories that I will deepen on my website

Where do we find the book?


HERE> on AMAZON < or if they have already finished it:  


On createspace you can find it at the following address:

On my site you will find offers from various countries in the Italian section

Or in the English one

written in two languages
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