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Gabriele Cotichelli

Advertising communication professional

​Interview with Gabriele Cotichelli, co-author of the "Spumarche" format.

Gabriele Cotichelli

      The start-up phase of his business communication marketing project called and " various media have published articles on the subject using purely technical terminologies, sometimes complex, perhaps not comprehensible to everyone. Could you briefly explain what "Spumarche" is?

It is an integrated marketing communication system for companies in the food and wine sector. In practice, a mix - made up of relational and experiential marketing levers, good communication and promotional synergies - proposed to companies that aspire to gain visibility, both in the national market and in the dynamic scenarios of the most advanced economies of Central-Eastern and extra Europe. EU. It assembles marketing tools with a proactive approach that intend to provide visibility, with a refined look and with a creative language, innovative for the food and beverage sector, typical of the so-called fashion signification system, to SMEs in the eno-food and to the manufacturing of accessories and complements for the sector both in Italy, to stimulate contracted domestic demand, and in the rapidly expanding foreign markets where some of the areas deemed economically profitable for trade are located.

   What concrete benefits would companies have to promote their products through this marketing format -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_languages proper to fashion or, to put it better as it is written in the press articles already published, of the system of signification of fashion?

A premise. We talk a lot, often inappropriately, about fashion and food and wine, but even many of the professionals have not quite understood what it really is.

It corresponds to the truth that in the recently expanding economies some products, perceived as valuable, represent new symbols of belonging to a high socio-economic class but, precisely, the perception of references, certainly worthy, is fixed by the emotional content borrowed from structure of a sense of fashion and that aesthetic preciousness, as well as patinated, which today is objectively an uncommon heritage. Communication is no longer exclusively based on the goodness of the product, taken for granted in substantially equivalent references worthy of mention, but on the emotional surplus value that characterizes it, capable of providing introspective gratifications to the pleasurable desires of the final user. It is important to underline the difference between information and communication.

The first relates to the knowledge of every objective data on the rational level, while communication goes beyond the threshold of the tangible to sublimate the contents and transform them into a system of meaning that influences, on the emotional level, the social sphere, creating an empathic relationship aimed at retain the public. The first advantage for companies is the certainty of being able to communicate through expressive codes of the fashion sense system, if only by virtue of my experience gained for about thirty-five years as a communications and marketing manager spent side by side with entrepreneurs. of high-end Made in Italy, creating institutional and product campaigns that appeared in the most renowned international newspapers and hosted in the prestigious ateliers of the most exclusive streets in the world: from Via della Spiga to Rodeo Drive, from Via dei Condotti to Fifth Avenue. Obviously, it follows that all the collaborators used to implement the format come from qualifying professional experiences. Another important plus is the sharing of the format with the promoter-sommelier Eva Kottrova, author of articles for newspapers and information periodicals in four languages, to date, on more than forty national and foreign newspapers, as well as curator of her web-log multicultural in support of Spumarche and dedicated to the exclusivity of the sector. A further advantage is represented by the possibility of expressing oneself in communication with a sophisticated multilingualism which, for some of the main Eastern European languages, has a unique character, since the content of the texts is reinterpreted from time to time with absolute competence and stylistic features that characterize it. beyond mere translation, by native speakers who enjoy strong consideration in Central-Eastern European countries, generating a reassuring and credible form of communication with regard to interlocutors potentially interested in the advertised products, as well as a considerable extension

of the qualified audience. Yet another competitive benefit derives from constant dialogue and close collaborations with leading transnational institutions in the eno-food sector (culinary academies, professional associations of sommeliers and cooks, food and beverage distribution groups, shopkeepers, importers, marketing directors), as well as from targeted direct marketing actions, profiled ad personam to optimize the return on investments, to an audience composed largely of selected economic operators residing mainly in cosmopolitan cities and capitals of the Central-Eastern European and non-EU economies. Needless to say, the relationship established with the various professional aggregations does not include phantom associations with a high-sounding name recognized only by their creators or factions based on proselytism with the aim of extorting money from inexperienced followers, perhaps by selling membership cards or futile certificates that leverage about the sense of belonging, it is not clear to what.

      How do you recognize a professional from someone who has no specific training? How can an entrepreneur be sure not to make mistakes when he has to entrust his communication budget? _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

First of all, the capable entrepreneur understands and understands who he is in front of even if he is in the presence of a good storyteller. In any case, the credibility of a serious professional of depth is supported by certain and verifiable data, by an incontrovertible historian of his experiential path that necessarily refers to the shared experience with companies. marketing referent must be demonstrable, not only in words, but with company case studies and with the relative results obtained.

      What do you hope for the future of communication in the wine and food sector?

Above all, that professional skills grow and that they are compensated for what they really deserve as happens in the United States, Great Britain and the major advanced economies; not as often happens in our country that are traded for a plate of lentils.

I also hope that entrepreneurs become fully aware of their own and others' professional skills. Generally, there is the deceptive belief in the entrepreneur's thinking that his product is better than those of competitors and therefore it should sell alone but, being the immense offer and the increasingly high-extraction commercial players, as well as difficult to reach, they direct attention to products that are truly deserving and that are perceived of superior value due to their ability to provide gratifications to needs related to the psychological sphere that go beyond the mere use of the good. This is where the work of professionals comes into play, since marketing is not a competition between products, but a contest of perception. Since more than three thousand words are about to disappear from Dante's language, I also hope that we can return to a sort of linguistic autarchy to be opposed to the terms of foreign derivation that have entered arrogantly in our daily lexicon, Made in Italy included. Italy can become the absolute protagonist of its future, but it still does not have full awareness of its wonderful identity. In the world there is a hunger for beautiful Italy at all levels, for everything that is given by the intrinsic relationship between knowledge and well-doing, and an immeasurable heritage of history, art and culture is preserved in the genome of the best Italic gens.  

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