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TODAY: BRAZIL - i precursori 

ITALIANS ABROAD in Brazil. They left Italy, our grandparents were very poor and came to Brazil to collect coffee. They lived a life of slaves. Between 1870 and 1915, sixteen million Italians left their country to seek their fortune in the world. Despite the shipwrecks, scams and hardships, many of them settled in America. Brazil was a major destination.


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Toni P3 days ago       _cc781905 -... 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

we Italians are noble, we will never be ready to live with these Brazilians, who smile at you, but ready to fuck all your possessions, including dignity!

Rio de Janeiro and all the cities of Brazil are not dangerous if the tourist does not frequent certain places such as the favelas or go out for a stroll through the streets of the city at dawn ... It is true that there are too many crimes compared to Italy, but it doesn't seem to me as dangerous as Iraq, Afghanistan or Nigeria ...!

pedro gomesp

I'm Italian-Brazilian (my grandparents were from Bologna). I live in Rio de Janeiro. I ask other Italians not to go on tourism here. The city is very dangerous at the moment. Every day a Brazilian person or tourist comes to be attacked with a knife by thieves who steal the money, the bicycle, and even if the victims deliver their goods they still react still receive a stab. So I ask not to come to Rio de Janeiro until the government has created more opportunities for education, work and even more security. Please send this warning to sue  friends and family across Europe. Thanks to all Pedro Pazelli Writer, film director and teacher

pedro i too am italian brazilian from salvador de bahia and you are really right about that fact




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