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The situation of the Italian system has been in negative evolution for decades.

A society without clear references, without poles, without rails, but with lots of gray areas, was destined to skid and slip.

For some years Italy has been placed at the bottom of the European competitiveness rankings. For the freedom of trade, it has lost ground.

Confusions, disorientations, seizures and widespread emergencies. Frequent abuse of citizens by the institutions. Explained with the inability of society to manage itself, with the obvious need for reforms, but the right ones for citizens and not in favor of only some powers, which no one decides to do, despite the fact that some politicians have insistently asked for it. years.

Politicians have a lot of experience saying they will do, but little experience of actually doing ....

Something similar happens in Italy to what happened in some Eastern countries, after the fall of communism. In fact, the foundations of the existing imperfect social pact (values, rules, citizens' rights) have been eliminated in recent years without worrying about replacing it with a new one.

The confusion started some time ago, in a society without social fabric, in which strategies for the conquest of power in public institutions are widespread among politicians.

Citizens have no faith in the state, because it has often shown itself unable to function for some time. Communication is inefficient (top to bottom only).

Italians, by congenital character, adapt. Excellent quality for a trader, a market-manager, very bad quality for a people, which risks continued degradation. Those who live in Italy, by dint of adapting, have become accustomed to confusion and uncertainty, believing them to be inevitable and due to European politics. Failures and blockages will increase, if you let the Italian society derail in the current conditions, resigned.

To understand the social situation of the country, the sure way is to look at it from Europe and the rest of the world through a vision not conditioned by a thousand problems and more open like that of us ITALIANS ABROAD.

The inability of the institutions to obtain, in the social sphere, results consistent with the promises announced, are not a fatality. Rather, they are a particular feature of society where different powers are in conflict. They are consequences of the negative changes in the behavior of many citizens, in the absence of positive values accepted by all, of national cohesion. Three major factors: corruption, inability to manage, duplicity in many social situations.

The Italians have never had, after the war, an excellent management capacity for the country. So the degradation has been continuous. Sometimes it seems that the perception of one's rights has also been lost. On the other hand, it is talked about, it is talked about, it is talked about ... A "disaster of the social mentality", defined by an observer as "anthropological degradation" has been evident for some time now.

The key to the social problem: Italians do not have all the tools necessary to make institutions and large structures (social and political) work. On the other hand, they waste a good part of their energy and resources to deal with the guilty emergencies and for the fratricidal struggles of political associations, factions, cliques and clans, sometimes hidden in the shadows. A very popular sport in the institutions is the infringement of the law ..... It seems like a Latin American scenario. The origin of the disaster is: the Unity of the people was never organized ... A good historical verification will prove it.

Expatriates who have lived in an advanced country are able to identify the woodworms that increasingly gnaw at the crumbling social fabric. Woodworms that thirty years ago existed in the state of larvae and now have grown vigorously and have spread to many provinces. They push society to regress because social habits, recently spread, promote degradation and discourage the ways of progress.

Italian competitiveness has difficulty in progressing. The excellent entrepreneurs we have (among the best in Europe) are caught in the shackles of a degraded social environment. They lose competitiveness. Some of them move to a country that works. Qualified Italians are able to emerge in other countries, after having sometimes made a hole in the water in Italy, like Guglielmo Marconi.

The knots of a Third World mentality have come to a head, public education, for example, has failed.
The acceleration of degradation is also due to the unexpected inability of Italian society to have adequate strategies, to analyze and solve social problems, to face the global village. The will to compete in the evolving world of the global village cannot be supported by results, in the current social conditions, as politicians do not work for the country, for two reasons: incompetence and widespread corruption. I do not believe that a serious analysis has been carried out in the country on the causes of social drifts to discuss the necessary countermeasures.

The Italic genius, who gave the world great works and inventions, had a mutation and changed shape. It is currently negative. We are capable of excellent strategies to fool someone. We are not interested in looking for a strategy to save the boat full of water. But we are often involved in daily struggles (linked to our social approximations and improvisations) in a country that has lacked a serious social education, in which there is no united national society, with a country strategy .

And indeed:

Values seem to have disappeared from Italy today. The institutions lack the responsibility for their actions, the commitment to correct errors, the punishment of those responsible for important omissions and serious crimes. The Italian society has instead chosen another approach: the impunity of delinquency is widespread, coupled with laxity. Sticks and carrots no longer exist.

In a society that has accepted omission, imperfection, indifference, approximation, widespread incompetence in the public system, the mechanisms of the state will never work. There is the uncertainty of the relationship between citizen and state, the inability of justice, the uncertainty about the capacity of parliament to provide citizens with functioning tools and effective solutions to social problems. The Italians, instead of correcting the breakdowns, are looking for a powerful VIP who agrees to bother them, sometimes they are willing to pay.

Politicians, however, provide entertaining dramas to hide the damage they have caused. The mental / social deviation has entered the DNA of too many Italians ...

we will see it together.

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