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Participating in the talk show  ROCCO GIUSEPPE - STEFANO SALVATI - FRANCESCA MERCURY FIORENZO BRESCIANI - CHIARA BELLO - LISA PAGANELLI_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136ebad5cf58d

Talk show - 7th season - 24th episode - IT 2017 - Directed by Francesco Dardari. Led by Daniele Perini. "A tambur battente" is a show, journalism and current affairs program, aimed at the enhancement of art and live music, proposing the performance of professional musicians of great stature and prestige, comedians, personalities from entertainment, culture, politics and society.

Musical guests of the episode  JBEES * AGNESE LOFFEDO - GIULIA BRIZIARELLI - TWO FOR TANGO –_cc781905-5INC3BART-136bAD-3194_cc781905-5INC3BART-3194


Heartfelt thanks to all of you, dear viewers,   who have followed us every week but above all to the many Italians abroad who have followed us both via the web and through foreign television networks, thanks to the collaboration of the ester tv coordinator  Mauro Torta .

Thanks go of course to all those who contributed to the implementation of the program. Naming one by one becomes difficult, but the main thanks goes to our  DANIELE PERINI, who with stubbornness and intelligence, managed to professionally carry out the task of organizing and conducting every single episode.


ERTILIA GIORDANO ,   who, with simplicity and professionalism, supported Perini throughout the season in co-conducting the program .

To our curator,   MARIA TERESA LANZETTI , who patiently supported and endured all of us of the staff . 

Thanks go to the entire video technical department, headed by the director  FRANCESCO DARDARI   who with great professionalism directed all the guys driving every single camera.

THOMAS TASSINARI   who took care of the audio and lighting part, making the colors lively and the voices always clearly and comprehensible.

To the hair and make-up coordinator  MAURO BARACCANI , and to her collaborators, who followed all the guests and artists present in each episode, giving a "touch" of beauty to each subject that appeared in the video.

And then the whole editorial staff, with  Angela Telloli and Maria Rosa Postorino , the production, the technicians, camera operators, our grane Ermes Tazzari   for the beautiful photographs taken on the set.

The heartfelt thanks goes to all those who participated in the program as guests of the talk show and to the musical artists but the biggest thanks to "every single" TV publisher who for years have trusted our program by broadcasting it punctually every week .

Thanks to the monthly DITUTTO , with its Publisher  WALTER D'ERRICO , Official Media Partner of the program, which allowed us to promptly spread the " A TAMBUR BATTENTE SHOW" brand throughout Italy and of the world.

And finally, thanks to our “ Institutional Partners ” for their precious contribution.

If we have forgotten someone, please be patient and sorry . 

See you in October 2017 .... "How wonderful"


The production manager
Nicola Mauro Marino

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